The Golf Academy of Memphis is located on the Golf and Games campus.
This location has state-of-the-art, indoor-to-outdoor hitting bays, TrackMan club fitting radar, K-VEST,computer video analysis, grass tees, putting green and short game area including 2 bunkers. Food and beverages are available on property.



How efficient is your swing? Mark Grace is level 2 certified with the K-VEST program. K-VEST uses 3 wireless sensors to capture your golf swing and provides instant feedback to improve your:

Body Posture
Swing Sequence
Swing Timing
Swing Speed

How Does it Work?

You wear the vest, line up to the ball, and swing normally.
The program captures the motion.
Mark Grace shows you how to swing more efficiently based on the data.

Trackman Club Fitting

TrackMan uses Doppler radar, the same radar the military uses to track rockets and mortar.

Unlike other launch monitors, TrackMan follows the ball for its entire flight and is accurate within 1 foot at every 100 yards.

Because it is so accurate, all golf club manufacturers use TrackMan to develop new clubs.

Indoor – Outdoor Hitting Bays

Golf Academy of Memphis has the only indoor-to-outdoor option in town. We also have the only lighted range. So, if the weather is bad or if you want a lesson in the evening, we have you covered.

First Class lessons
Premier computer assessment software
Military precision TrackMan clubfitting