As an Authorized Mizuno Club Fitter, every aspect of your swing is considered when fitting each club.

The Mizuno Club Fitting will:

  • Match the right shaft to your swing
  • Measure the perfect club length
  • Find the correct Lie Angle
  • Help choose the best grip 



TrackMan uses Doppler radar, the same radar the military uses to track rockets and mortar.

Unlike other launch monitors, TrackMan follows the ball for its entire flight and is accurate within 1 foot at every 100 yards.

 Because it is so accurate, all golf club manufacturers use TrackMan to develop new clubs



Mark Grace is an Authorized PING Club Fitter and uses a variety of tools, including the interchangeable drivers and irons offered in the Advanced Fitting System (AFS), to ensure your clubs match your individual needs. 

  • 40-iron Fitting Cart
  • Unique interview process
  • Static Fitting
  • Dynamic Swing Test
  • Ball Flight Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring